About Master Paul Henrich

Master Paul Henrich addressing students at a belt-advancement test.

Master Paul Henrich addressing students at a belt-advancement test.



Starting the journey of martial arts as a young child, Master Paul Henrich developed a strong foundation of discipline, focus, and self- control. Earning his black belt at the age of fifteen, he began a lifetime journey in the martial arts world.

This structure included strict patience, humility, respect, and mental & physical strength building. Through the years of practice and study, he learned the reality of positive and negative and that all of life’s victories do not come easy, but are dedications of focus, hard-work, sweat, and great repetition.

The lessons from Taekwondo poomse (forms), sparring, board breaking, hand & foot drills, self-defense and breath-control proved to be priceless for the tough and painful obstacles life sometimes dealt him. His experiences, lessons, teachings of martial arts across the United States, and travels to Japan and South Korea have been incredible mile stones, but his greatest has been helping his students with their journey through the martial art of Taekwondo.

Master Henrich is grateful for the valuable dedication, discipline, and passion his teacher, R.O.K soldier, Vietnam-veteran, Grandmaster Ri Kon Ko

Today, Master Henrich instructs with a well-rounded curriculum, working hard to preserve the passion and heart of Taekwondo!


Master Paul Henrich

6th Dan       House of Discipline
6th Dan       Central Taekwondo Federation
3rd Dan       Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters
1st Dan       Ohun Kumdo Federation

Martial Arts will develop our balance……
a tool of great value in our journey of life.